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Below is a lovely poem sent to Fairfield House by Tony Fuller, we hope you enjoy!

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Pastures New

As you get older, your hair turning grey.

Life is much harder with each passing day.

Those “Senior Moments” start getting you down.

The fun in your life. No longer around.


In your mind, the family, you’re, “putting upon”.

You’re heard to say, “Oh! I was wish I was gone”.

They’ll say to you, “Mum, now don’t give up hope”.

In the back of your mind you know they can’t cope.


Social Services tell you, “Now listen my dear

You know it’s not right, that your mother stays here.

Although you agree that maybe it’s not right

You know you’ll feel guilty if she’s out of sight.


There’s many will tell you, that isn’t the case.

And why get upset? It’s a much nicer place,

You finally agree, (‘tho your face wears a frown).

And you hope that “the Home” is not far from town.


Mum’s home must go, all her treasures too

You are her daughter so it’s all up to you.

Her memories collected through so many years

Will go in the “skip” along with your tears.


You scout around locally, to find her a home

Where mum can enjoy life and not feel alone.

Where every carer is so good and kind.

A place like this is sure hard to find.


A room freshly painted. It feels nice and new.

A picture framed window, with a wonderful view

Of hills and of valleys and shoreline too.

And through the window the sun’s shining through.


So if like our mum you have to move on.

The life that you knew you know now is gone

Don’t moan and grumble or sit there and grouse

Re-locate and be glad you’ve found FAIRFIELD HOUSE.


The bills, problems worries are a thing of the past

They will fade from your memory, your mind free at last

Enjoy every day and I know you will find

Your welfare is all the staff have in mind.


Tony Fuller 23rd February 2013.