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Financial Advice for Long Term Care

Whether you are considering long term care for yourself or a loved one, the topic of costs will always feature high on the agenda.  We always suggest you or your family members to seek professional financial advice so you are aware of your individual position.

However, below is a brief overview of how carehome funding usually works.

Often the local authority may be responsible for meeting some if not all of the respective costs.

Normally, if you or a loved one requires nursing care due to a medical illness, that element will usually be funded by the local health authority, without reference to any assets or income.  However, you are likely to be means tested in respect of personal care and accommodation costs.

In essence, if you are means tested for your long term care costs this will involve a financial assessment of all your assets including your home, your savings and any investments you may have.

If you would like further details regarding this area, please contact your local health authority who will be able to provide more details in respect of your individual position.

We encourage those who are thinking about long term care and planning for the future to seek professional advice and to ensure your legacy and wills are up to date and reflect your current position.

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