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Hobbies and Activities

An integral part of Fairfield Houses activities programme is a commitment to working with residents to ensure that they continue to lead active lives and play fulfilling and meaningful roles within their own communities, to as great or as little extent as they wish. To that end, Fairfield House has an activities team tasked with establishing strong and lasting links with local community groups and resources.

Activities coordinators play a central role in delivering purposeful activities that stimulate residents and improve their well being. With this in mind are activities team focus on each resident’s individual life story, experiences and interests. Life Stories were initially devised for residents living with dementia, to create a record of the individual’s life, working with the resident and family and loved ones. They proved to be such a useful resource for understanding and engagement that they are now being rolled out to all residents, and their families, who wish to take part.

“If you really want to help somebody, first of all you must find them, where they are and start there. This is the secret of caring. If you cannot do that, it is an illusion, if you think you can help another human being….The helper must be humble in his attitude towards the person he wants to help. He must understand that helping is not dominating but serving.”  (Kierkegaard 1859)