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Our Approach to Care

Our care philosophy is centred on the individual. Every person we care for is unique and so is every care plan we put together, being specially tailored to meet the needs of that individual.

At Fairfield House we have introduced “Communication and Care Giving in Dementia: a Positive Vision” by Dr Gemma Jones for all our staff. We send our staff on a course which covers dementia care in detail and the effects of sensory-perceptual deficits on behaviour in people with dementia. 

“Good Care is based on understanding and to do goodness to a person means to increase their dignity. Ideal Care could be defined as an attitude and supportive actions which make a person feel valued, safe, nurtured and cared for, regardless of their illness, irrespective of their gender, race, creed, past achievements or their short comings as a human being” (GMM Jones 2002).